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Our Services

- Bareboat charter

Who should choose this holiday? Bare boating is ideally suited to the more experienced group of sailors where you have a sailing qualification and sailing experience. It can be a group of friends or a family sharing the yacht.

Why bareboat with SailingSamos? Our core fleet which is based in Pythagorion, comprises of a selection of Jeanneau yachts which are under our ownership and management. This means the that the company that you are booking your holiday with is responsible for managing and maintaining the yachts and it gives a degree of flexibility to respond to your needs and requirements. We also own and manage our own support infrastructure, and mechanics to ensure that you have the support you need to be able to relax on your holiday. Get the local knowledge you need to bareboat with confidence. When you charter with us, our staff will provide you with route planning advice, that can cover anything from recommended mooring and anchorages to restaurant suggestions, and you can still plug-in a variety of island activities into your route.

What qualifications do I need to charter bareboat? The local port authorities accepts a variety of international qualifications. If you are unsure about your status please contact us directly to clarify. Which yachts are available bareboat?. For any other questions regarding our holidays please consult our FAQ section or contact us directly.

- Skippered charter

Who should choose this holiday? A group of friends or family that is fairly new to sailing, might have some experience but not a official qualification. Or just a group that would like to leave the responsibility of the daily sailing to a professional skipper. If you are not familiar with the area and you are looking for a local guide that will show you places, bays and restaurants.

Why choose a skippered holiday with SailingSamos  As we run our own base in Pythagorion, we employ a selection of local full time skippers, and both Croatian and British who have an unprecendented level of knowledge arround the local conditions.

Which yachts are available skippered?   All the yachts within our management are available skippered. For any further information please consult our FAQ section or contact us directly for more information.

- Provisioning

We can arrange your provisions so you will find them on board when you arrive, provided that we have received your order at least 15 days before your embarkation. This service will for sure ease your departure for your sailing holidays.